Olive Grove Partners

Planting Seeds. Developing Communities.

If you think that a professional is expensive, wait 'til you see what an amateur is going to cost you. –Red Adair

About Trust & Successs

The success of Olive Grove Partners stems from its trust in and respect for people and team work. Olive Grove Partners is surrounded by trustworthy and hard working professionals, too many of them to list and thank in this one page.

About the Business

Olive Grove Partners is a real estate development and investment business created in 2004 by F. S. Rebeiz, following the division of a corporation which he founded in 1984 and helped turn into a 30 million dollar venture. That venture has yielded, since 1991, an average annual profit of over 1 million dollars for the corporation and an average after-tax internal rate of return of over 30% for the investors.

Olive Grove Partners is well-positioned to not only meet but exceed the performance of its predecessor corporation.

About the Principals

F. S. Rebeiz credits the strength of his word and commitment for his success. Throughout his career, he has continually earned the trust of his investors and lenders, not only with attractive rates of return, but with the personal care and respect he shows for their trust. Prior to his work with Olive Grove Partners, he was an active Principal in a wide range of successful developments worth $60-$70 Millions in value.

The formal education of F. S. Rebeiz began with the Jesuits in Lebanon and culminated at the University of Texas at Austin where he earned Bachelor (1978) and Master (1980) degrees in Civil Engineering. His business experience started in 1980 with Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. where he performed design and construction duties in the steel structure industry, and continued in 1982 with Ajax Aluminum Industries where he developed a project management system in the design and construction of aluminum structures, mostly for curtain walls. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy's Reserves Construction Battalion (Seabees) in 1985 and resigned his commission with an honorable discharge in 1995. He is a registered Civil Engineer in the State of Texas since 1985, in inactive status since 2006.