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“303 is going to have passion… where people talk with their hands and taste with their palate.” F.S. Rebeiz, 303 owner

An urban village is being created in Austin’s downtown just steps away from the Texas Capitol. 303, located at 303 East 11th Street, is a community that provides a place to live, work, dine, shop and play in one convenient location. 303 might be located in Austin’s downtown, but it has the feel of a hometown.


“The lifestyle in this urban village is reflected in the architecture – honest, open, international and a beautiful collage of elements.” Clay Little, Noack-Little Architects, 303 architect

Collage – 303 is about bringing a variety of people together in a total living and working environment. With its location just steps from the Capitol, it provides a convenient gathering place for people who are in the business of relationships. But 303 is more than that. This urban village will not just be a place for the downtown worker or resident. With special parking places and services for families and every residential unit being convertible to ADA compliance, 303 will be a village in the truest sense and a welcoming destination for all Austinites.

Honest – The design of 303 is heavily influenced by the personality of the owner. Just as F.S. Rebeiz values integrity, the building’s materials also have an honest quality and are left with their natural beauty. Building visitors and residents will be treated to the play of light upon the zinc exterior and the beautiful detail in the limestone.

Open – 303 brings the outdoors and the indoors together in an urban setting through its wonderful views of the Capitol, the city and the adjacent WaterlooPark. Generous balconies will be provided for the residents and the architecture has a translucent, airy feel that is accessible and free of clutter.

International – 303 is inspired by the villages in Europe where small high quality markets are common and where people linger in the cafes for great food and conversation. 303 will have a street level market filled with artisan-crafted foods and will also have a rooftop lounge with a terrace for cocktails, tapas and socializing.


“303 is located on a downtown block with a tremendous amount of history. It will add to an existing office building to create a vibrancy in an important part of the downtown.” Connie Henry, Olive Grove Partners, officed at 303’s building for over 20 years

303 is located on East 11th Street between San Jacinto Boulevard and Trinity Street. Currently located on the site is a 50,000 square-foot office building which was renovated in 2000 and which was once the VFW building. The VFW built this office building in 1956 and it is a great example of the International style of architecture. Clay Little, 303’s architect, paid homage to the building’s roots when he worked on the design team during the renovation and again now as he extends the building to include the new uses. That 250,000 square foot mixed-use second phase will transform the block by providing residential units, entertainment and retail, truly creating an “urban village.”